Binge Eating Disorder

Many people struggle with binge eating behaviors, often triggered by restricting or dieting behaviors. However, they often feel as though they do not fit the criteria for what is treated by an eating disorder specialist. This could not be further from the truth. Binge eating behaviors, and the restricting that most often goes with this, are the most common disordered eating behaviors; a reality not accurately portrayed until recently.

In reality, whether the eating disorder behavior is dieting, restricting, bingeing, bingeing and purging, or exercise abuse, the underlying issues are often the same, and the treatment is very similar. Our goal is to help our clients get past the behaviors, and get to where you can “eat for the sake of eating,” not to help manage emotions.

What is most important to understand is that here, you will not be put on a diet, advised as to how to better restrict your food intake, or demonstrate more “control.” ¬†Our goal is to help you become healthy, NOT control your weight; as such, the goal is not weight loss, though it may happen as you stabilize your eating.

Please contact me if you are sick of dieting and battling your body.

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